Data Donation Giveaway

This month I will be giving away 2 million gold in prizes to folks who are willing to sit down for a few minutes and track some data from their guild history!

What You Need:
– A guild that has a trading stall. Your guild must be on the open market.
– A google account: All tracking is done via Google sheets
– 30 minutes to track

That’s it!

Prizes are as follows:
– 500k thank you prize to the person who donates the most data (split pot if tie)
– Random prize drawings of: 1 million gold, 250k gold, 100k gold, 100k gold, and 50k gold

How it works:

STEP ONE: While logged into your google account, open the template sheet available here:

STEP TWO: Select “File” then “Make a Copy” and rename your new sheet with your Gamertag.s

STEP THREE: On your new spreadsheet, select “File” and then “Share” and email the sheet to Make the right checkbox says “edit.”

STEP FOUR: Now you’re ready to track! Pull up your guild’s sales history and take a screenshot of the first page of data. You only need the first page and this is simply to ensure data is coming from a valid source. You can use to get a link to your screenshot. Mark your tracking start time, including timezone.

STEP FIVE: Track data! Make sure to follow the cheatsheet included in your spreadsheet on how to accurately track information. All entries must be spelled exactly how they are in-game, with a few minor exceptions that are included on the sheet. Once you hit the STOP STOP STOP, you’ve completed your first ticket! Record your end time and you’re done. ❤

STEP SIX: If you want to start another ticket, click on the arrow next to the “1” on the bottom of your screen and select “Duplicate.” Make sure you delete all the info you added on the first sheet and double click “Copy of 1” to rename it to “2.” Rinse and repeat steps Four and Five.

And that’s all there is to it! I will check all submitted sheets daily, pull data from them, and keep a running list of total tickets earned.

This giveaway will run for 2 weeks. Participants have until March 18th at 10pm EST to get their tickets in. Winners will be drawn live on the 19th. ❤