ESO Xbox Sales History is a price database not a price guide. It is imperative that users of this tool recognize the difference. This website is not a rule-book for pricing. It is a collection of data points, specifically harvested from sales histories of major trading guilds. All figures present in this sheet are formula-generated from the connected database and not the input of personal recommendation.

While we strive to provide a tool that gives a relevant snapshot of the community’s current market, it is important to acknowledge that this is not your most useful asset when finding accurate pricing. First and foremost, manually searching through a major trade city (Mournhold, Wayrest, Alinor, etc) will give you the absolute best idea of value. Second is knowledgeable traders willing to lend their expertise. And somewhere far down on that list is websites/apps like ours. ESO Xbox Sales History is fantastic for ballpark values, especially on high-volume sales items. It gets less useful in categories with lower per item sales volume (such as sets and furniture plans).

In this guide, pricing for each item will is listed in up to 5 tiers: minimum, lower range, median, upper range, maximum. The minimum and maximum reflect the lowest and highest single record of sale. The lower and upper ranges should not be read as the recommended sales range, but rather the range in which the majority of all recorded trader sales occurred. This range is based on an array percentile formula and discards the lower and upper 10% of all sales. The Lower-Upper Range accounts for 80% of all recorded sales. This reduces skewness and gives a more meaningful look at the “average” sales range for any particular item.

At the beginning of every month, our database goes through a purge that we like to call the “Data Dump.” You can read more about the data dump in this blog post: here. This reset drops old data to prevent it from skewing new data, making the list more flexible and responsive to market change. The downside is that it also keeps recorded sales numbers low. But it’s important for database users to recognize that those limited data points often represent a larger picture of previous months’ data.

ESO Xbox Sales History is a cooperative pricing database with 10 dedicated trackers. We do our best to update values daily to keep in tune with the Xbox economy, but it’s important to acknowledge the major pitfalls of this database: The data presented in this list is inherently biased towards trading guilds. Therefore price ranges may be slightly inflated compared to the overall market range, which would include lower pricing from other sales avenues such as text chat, band, etc. Some categories (specifically furnishings, furniture plans, and sets pieces) may have too few tracked sales to accurately portray their market. Conversely, other categories may have too much data tracked, making them inflexible to market shifts if they occur too swiftly (before monthly purge). The data presented only provides a small snapshot of sales at a specific window in time and should be interpreted as such.

Any questions, suggestions, feedback or otherwise feel free to contact at: esoxboxsales@gmail.com